Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A little planning error.....

Well actually, it's the second planning error for this project. The first was not having enough boards but then again I don't think I thought that it was going to end up being the size that it is. But that seems to be sorted now cause my extra boards turned up yesterday so it was all go to try and get more of it done, when I hit another problem. I ran out of black beads! So of course, without the black beads I can't do the outline and therefore losing count of what line I'm on. I was 99.9% certain that I had ordered more when I put the HUGE order in the last time but it turns out that I only ordered the colours that I thought I was going to need for the original image and there was very little black in that.

So I did a run into Hobbycraft to try and get some and they have none!! None whatsoever! So now I'm back to waiting patiently for my supply to arrive. So crossing fingers and toes that I might get it finished this weekend :D

Vhari x

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